About Us

Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) were established in the State and Regional Planning and Community Development Act, adopted by the Missouri State Legislature in 1965. This Act created the Missouri Department of Community Affairs and authorized the Governor to create RPCs upon the petition of local Governments (revised Statutes of Missouri, 1969, ed.). There are 19 RPCs/COGs in Missouri, providing complete coverage of counties in Missouri.

RPCs exist to support communities with planning, technical assistance, and other activities identified by their Board of Directors. Provided services help to create an environment where communities can grow and thrive through comprehensive planning, public safety, infrastructure, transportation, economic development, water and wastewater facilities, and environmental responsibility.


To create an exceptional quality of life for all by providing the necessary expertise to solve regional challenges within Camden, Laclede, Miller, and Morgan counties.


The Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments will deliver technical expertise on a variety of federal, state, and local programs while carrying out its function as a regional planning organization and visionary to its local governments.
LOCLG will achieve this mission by providing Camden, Laclede, Miller, and Morgan counties with:
  • Sound regional planning
  • Advocating for the regional community.
  • Engaging a participatory planning process.
  • Delivering high-quality public service.
  • Promoting the region’s interests at the state and federal levels.
  • Providing technical aid, grant writing assistance, and grant administration.
  • Fostering cooperative efforts among municipalities.
  • Enhancing collaboration between the public and private sectors in the region.
  • Gathering, maintaining, and making available planning-related data.
  • Managing economic development funds.

Randy Angst, Chairman

Steven J. Dust, Director