Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy


Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) Meeting Schedule 2021 

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Update 

Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments (LOCLG) will be hosting a series of meetings to discuss the updates to the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). The current CEDS dated 2017, is due for an update. LOCLG works with the Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA) to promote economic development activities that will provide support for economic growth within the region. The revised CEDS is due to EDA in early 2022. Your participation in the planning and development of the CEDS 2022 is imperative to making sure we encompass the needs of the four-county region as the CEDS is the economic vision for the future of the region. 


February 2, 2021-Meeting Materials Available for Review. Click on the topic below, links to presentations. 


Workforce Recruitment and Retention in Rural Missouri-Dr. Mark White with the University of Missouri Extension 


Overview of the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center and Review of the Industry Sectors and Clusters within the Region-Mary Turner with MERIC 


Marketing the Lake of the Ozarks Region as a Great Place to Live and Work-Heather Brown with Lake of the Ozarks Convention and Visitors Bureau 


April 6, 2021-Meeting Materials Available for Review.  Click on the topic below, links to presentation. 


Agritourism-Kelly Smith, Senior Director, Marketing & Commodities Missouri Farm Bureau 


Entrepreneurship-Kelly Asbury, Director of Small Business & Technology Development-State Fair Community College 


Entrepreneurship Resources-Alexces Bartley, Network Builder, MOSoureLink 


June 1, 2021 Topics: 

  • Energy and Environmental Security 

What are the current and future energy needs and how will they be met? We will have experts within the energy sector explain the local energy industry and discuss future energy requirements.  

  • Disaster Resilience 

We will discuss how natural disasters may impact our region and how we can improve resilience in both local governments and businesses. An in-depth look at the region’s Hazard Mitigation Plans and how we can incorporate common goals and objectives that have been identified by each of these counties and see how we can encourage and support more resilient communities and businesses.  


August 3, 2021 Topics: 

  • Site Selectors 

How can site selectors impact our region’s economic development? We will discuss who site selectors work for, the information they collect and analyze, to help us understand how to improve in areas that are important to the site selection process.  

  • Workforce Development 

What is important when working with educators and developing programs to meet the workforce needs of our region’s businesses? How can the partnership between education and business create economic growth within the region?  


October 5, 2021 Topics: 

  • Technology  

Technological advancement is changing jobs and workforce needs. We will examine the technical aspects of the industry sectors within the region and learn how to adapt and embrace technology to enhance the competitiveness of the region for advanced manufacturing and other technology driven sectors.  

Opportunity Zones 

Camden and Laclede Counties both have opportunity zones, understanding the benefits and the opportunities to attract investments into these areas will be important to the development within the lowest income areas of the region.  


December 7, 2021 Topics: 

  • SWOT Analysis 

This will be the capstone event in the series of meetings; we will analyze the region’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This information will help us identify areas with the most growth potential and areas of concern to include in the CEDS.  


Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2017  


LocationOne Commercial Property Information 

 LocationOne is a website that contains commercial property that is ready for development within the region.  To located a commercial property in your location click on the link below and then select the folder at the top right hand side marked sites.  These commercial properties are listed based on the development and redevelopment potential within our region.   

 If  you are having trouble accessing the sites, please call our office at 573-346-5692 and ask for Nancy Crall, he will be happy to help you navigate the LocationOne website and give you more information on the commercial properties available. 


Link to the LOCLG Region and LocationOne Properties 




Financing Options: 

Business Financing 

Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments (LOCLG) is designated as an Economic Development District (EDD) by the Department of Commerce Economic Development Agency (EDA).  In 2000 LOCLG applied for grant funds to start a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) to assist local lenders and businesses to obtain financing for business development and business growth.  The RLF Program and have helped numerous businesses within the region get started.  


In 2020 LOCLG again applied for additional assistance to help the region deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Funding is available for local businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19.  If you are interested in learning more about the RFL Program, more details are available at   


Helping small businesses within Camden, Laclede, Miller and Morgan Counties is what we do at LOCLG.  So if you have been turned down by the bank this option may be what you need. 


Starting a business, growing your business, need working capital, need to make improvements to include CDC recommendations, LOCLG is here to help you with financing and business support tools that will help your business succeed.  


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